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  • Normal
    In our online store we do not have updated information about our stock of items, so once we have received your order, we will send a quote as soon as possible, where we will indicate the amount available at that time.

    We can not guarantee the quantities of budget items if the customer accepts the budget a few days after the date of this, then we would adjust the quantities of our stock.

    If in an order the customer requires a quantity of items and at that moment we do not have the totality, we can serve the quantity in stock and we will give the delivery date of the rest, in this way the quantity discount condition will be maintained.
  • Iridescent

    Even if these products are shown as not available, you can order them as usually if there is the same reference with higher dimensions available.

    Selling dimensions:

    Full sheet, reference ending in -F = 122x61cm.
    Half sheet, reference ending in -H = 61x51cm.
    Quarter sheet, reference ending in -K = 61x30.5cm.
    Eight sheet, reference ending in -O = 30.5x30.5cm.

    Baroque Iridiscent glass series come from the now closed Spectrum and Uroboros factories, and are now discontinued, so we can only offer what is left in stock. We will be removing references as they go out of stock.

    To check its alternative in the new compatible glass you can go to the Oceanside Compatible product family.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items