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1) Customer service and news

In our new online store, we offer to you a lot of news with which we hope that you, current or future customer, find the shortest way to carry out your ideas in any glass project.

When you access our online store, you will find an easy and quick website including lots of conveniences.

Shown prices are visible for all kinds of customers, whether you are a hobbyist, professional or retailer. According to the purchases and the type of each customer, a discount will be applied to the prices shown in each item of our store.
If you have any technical question, you can contact us when you need it and as many times as you want.

Our Spanish contact phone number: +34 957 655 371 (8:00 - 16:00)

Our Spanish email: peperios@peperios.es

Our goal is to get satisfied customers, we are convinced that we make something new every day to get it, that way we guarantee our continuity.

2) Conditions for schools and educational centers

We think that glass techniques teaching work that schools, training centers, cultural centers, and associations make (on their own or through city councils/official bodies) are contributing to the knowledge and dissemination of glass, and to put it briefly, a rich glass culture.

Aware of this, from Pepe Ríos as a glass and tools supplier we reflect our collaboration in the following advantages:

  • an additional 5% of discount to your standard discount.
  • the possibility of grouping orders of your students in one to get more discount.
  • answers to technical questions and advice for teachers and instructors.
  • advice about mounting a workshop.
  • 10% of discount in all our monographic courses for teachers or instructors that enroll in some of the ones published in our website www.mondovetro.com (proving your teacher or instructor status).

3) Packaging program

We have available a series of standard packages for shipping all our products.

We make big efforts in reducing the costs of our packages so that your final purchase does not increase and your products keep a competitive price.

We take great care in manufacturing our packages, thanks to our more than 30 years of experience working with glass, we know how to pack it up so that glass is not affected during handling and shipment.

Our packages guarantee that materials and glass will arrive at its destination in perfect working conditions.

We are very pleased to be a company with a very low number of accidents in deliveries. Still, we can't assure 100% success.

Our warehouse staff prepares and packs their orders with the same care as if they were for them because what we do not want for us we do not want for our customers.

We are the first interested in the material and glass coming to you in perfect conditions for its use.

Below we show you our complete packaging program with measures and capacities:


4) Returns

If when you receive the goods you check that the item is not what you expected, you have bought an excessive amount, your customer has repented and left the material hanging or does not interest you for any reason, you do not have to give us any explanation, you can simply return it within 14 days of receiving it and we will refund the amount of the item or items returned provided that the following conditions and requirements are met:


  • Returned items must be unused and in their original packaging.
  • The customer is responsible for the merchandise, packaging and transport costs with their transport agency to our warehouse.
  • The items must arrive in perfect condition for later sale.
  • The payment will be made once the status of the returned merchandise has been checked.
  • the items did not arrive in perfect conditions, we could make a partial payment of the total value or they would not be accepted.

Returns of the following items are not allowed:


  • Lots of glass sheets must keep their original purchase size.
  • Containers with open seal.
  • The money of the items that have been collected directly in our stores will not be refunded, through the option collected in the store, a change will be made for one or other items of the same or higher amount paying the difference.

In the event that the items sent are defective or we have sent them wrongly, we will proceed to check and collect them from your address and then we will refund the money, we will replace it with another one or proceed to repair it and send it back without any cost for you.

5) Procedure to follow upon products arrival

  • Always check the packaging to see if it has any hit or break.
  • Even if no damage is evident, always put on record on the delivery note "delivery pending to check", always cheking it within the next 24 hours to make a possible claim.
  • In the case the products present any break, contact Pepe Ríos S.L. in a period no longer than 24 hours from receiving the delivery, calling +34 957 655 371 - 667 425 668 o sending an email to angela@peperios.es. Expired this period you will have no right to make any claim.
  • Take photos of the broken products, as well as the packaging, if it presented any damage, and email them to angela@peperios.es, also listing the product code that have any damage.

6) Holidays, holidays and working hours

Below we detail the days that we will remain closed in our different establishments during the year 2020:


January 1 and 7, February 28, April 18 and 19, May 1, July 15, August 15, September 5, October 12, November 1, December 6, 9 and 25

Schedule from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Closed for holidays: From 16 to 30 of August



January 1 and 7, April 18 and 19, May 1 and 2, August 15, October 12, November 1, December 6, 9 and 25

 Schedule from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. and from 16:30 p.m. to 19:30 p.m.

Closed for holidays: From 16 to 30 of August