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    The glass in this family is manufactured by the current Oceanside Glass Tile company and is going to replace most of the glass made by the now closed Spectrum Glass and Uroboros companies and the current Oceanside Glass Tile.

    The glass in this family have the same numeric references that the old companies Spectrum Glass and Uroboros and current Oceanside Glass Tile manufactured, the only difference is that the old references end with SF and the new ones with -F.

    You can still mix all the old System 96SF from Spectrum Glass, Uroboros and Oceanside Glass Tile with the new System 96-F references from Oceanside Glass Tile.

    In this moment you have available a wide range of colours selecting theh System 96 and Oceanside Compatible families until we have stock of the new System 96-F references.

    Glass in this family are high quality glass for stained-glass works, lamps, mosaics, fusing, etc. With its textures and colours we will be able to develop any design despite its demands.
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    Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items